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Meet The Band

Vince Wiley

Vince Wiley is a phenomenal musician and producer with nearly to 30 years of musical experience. His primary instrument is the piano and keyboards, which he began playing at the age of fifteen at his family's church in Chicago Heights, IL. At the age of seventeen, Vince became a musical director at this church and continued to direct music for many bands and various projects after that. He has toured both nationally, internationally, and has produced on many projects. His repertoire spans many genres from Jazz, RnB, Latin, Country, Pop, and more. His future goals are to continue producing music and performing great music, Travel and tour, and train up the youth and other music enthusiasts.

Justin Hights
Hollie Holloway
Alán De León Uribe
Ben Ikwuagwu
Bryan Sunderman

Bryan Sunderman began his enthusiastic pursuit of guitar at the age of 13. By 15, he was coordinating bands, collaborating with other musicians, and performing in church. As a young adult, he began studying classical guitar and was awarded first place in the Eastfield Collegiate Guitar Competition. He was then admitted to the prestigious Butler School of Music at the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied with Adam Holzman. He has performed his classical repertory in and around Austin and abroad in Cervo, Italy and Morelia, Mexico. Byan has collaborated with many musicians in many styles from Country and Western to RnB and Jazz to Blues and Rock. He has dedicated much of his career to teaching and has a thriving studio of young Musicians in Austin.

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